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Brand Colors that Work for you

Colors bring life to the world, and I love them. Sometimes picking out colors gives me a mental block because there are so many endless combinations! This pink or that peach. Is that too much of a purply blue? Yellow and pink….yes or no? If you’ve ever picked a paint color for your home, you know how a designer feels trying to pick out the perfect color.

Colors are so much fun, and if selected correctly, they add character and recognition to a brand.

Before you begin flipping through color books or browsing Pinterest for inspiration, keep in mind what and who you’re designing for. How do you want people to feel when they encounter your design? Warm tones tend to feel happy and inviting; cool tones feel calming and professional.

Once you’ve determined how you want your project to communicate, it’s time to pick a primary color (or 2). From there, it’s time to add contrast and balance. Some of my favorite color schemes are monochromatic, triad, and complimentary. See for trying out these schemes.

You don’t have to stick to one or two colors. Choose colors that help reflect your brand and its values. That may be strictly black and white or the colors of the rainbow!

In the end, colors should add to your brand, not distract from it. I've added some of the color palettes I've been swooning over below!


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