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Brands shouldn't be stagnant - they should thrive! Focussing on your vision, values, voice, and visuals can make your brand stand out and give your audience recognition.



What are your goals for your brand? What would you like your brand to achieve? Who would you like your brand to reach? All of these are important questions when developing your brand's vision.


What do you want to be known for? Not just in products or services, but in who you are as a company and what you represent. This is the "why behind your brand.


Calm and collected or fun and quirky; your brand's voice should be authentic and reflect your goals. No matter the style you speak in, it will impact the way you are perceived.


A logo is an important part of your visuals because it sets the tone for your brand, but it isn't the only important part of your brand identity. Every piece of merchandise or brand-related visuals that represent you are building brand awareness and association.



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