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How to find quality, free mockups

Mockups are lifesavers when it comes to showing off designs. Mockups are one of those “tricks of the trade” that can end up saving you so much time and make your designs feel more real and special.

If you’re not familiar with mockups then you are about to fall in love with their power! Mockups are static images that include a representation of digital designs.

These are just a few of the reasons I love using mockups:

1. They save time

  • If I had to photograph every layout for every design I wouldn’t have time to consistently post my work.

2. The image is editable and it’s always high res.

  • Color editing is easy with a static image and I can have confidence that the image is in focus and high quality.

3. They help you visualize and save money

  • Sometimes imagining a logo presented in different ways can be challenging. Mockups help present a design without having to physically create the material the design is featured on.

Usually, the reason people don't use mockups is that it can take so doggone long to find the perfect one. Without knowing the best places to find quality mockups, it’s easy to get frustrated and give up.

Thankfully, mockups are popular in the design world so finding a quality, free mockup is possible.

Here is a list of my favorite free mockup sites:

Graphic Pear

I love the color and unique mockups on here. The only downside is there is no search option.


Nothing bad to say about this site. So many fun options…it’s easy to get lost!

There are gems to be found in here, but it may take a little more searching because the search bar isn’t always perfect.

Graphic Burger

This is not a very beautiful site, but there are a lot of options of mockups. This is a popular site, so there is a chance other designers will have already used the mockups. Great for finding generic items to present designs to clients.


I love being able to go through all of the free Mockups Dribble has to offer. Also, Dribble is a great resource for inspiration.

Try out some of these fun mockups and let me know how they work out for you. I would also love to hear where you use your mockups!


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