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How to not fail as a designer this year

Have you ever had a difficult conversation or a stressful situation that made you rethink everything?

As I was working face to face with a client the other day, they viewed a project I was working on and asked me to do something that I should have known how to do. Then my brain froze.

You know that instant feeling of panic you have when you realize that the situation is out of your control? All I could think about was how quickly my heart was racing and I was hoping that no one would notice my heavier breathing. I fumbled around, made something work, and tried to act like I had everything under control.

Because I didn’t prove my skills to the client, it made me realize that in 2022 I need to refresh myself on skills. I need to refine certain skills while learning new skills that will help me as a designer.

If you’re like me and want to make 2022 a year of learning and being the best you can be, here are a few of the resources I plan on starting with: (Also, none of this is sponsored just FYI)

The Futur offers many free resources and paid for classes that target specific areas to improve design and business skills.

After reading Freelance and Business and Stuff by the Hoodzpah twins, I have it as a goal to take their video course. I 10/10 recommend this book for freelancers. It covers the basics of design and starting a business all while incorporating humor and giving encouragement to keep going.

What better way to learn about the Adobe Programs than with free Adobe tutorials. My focuses this year are on InDesign and Color Usage!

Let me know what your learning focuses are this year and what resources are your favorites!


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