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How to Stay Creative While Working from Home

Working from home sounds like a luxury, and in many ways it is. As I'm writing this I have on a professional shirt and old bed shorts. My hair is still damp in the back and I'm snacking on crackers and cheese. These little things are the things that make working from home so appealing, but after a while looking at your space day and night can get monotonous. These are some things I do to keep my love for working from home alive.


#1 | Feeling Overwhelmed? Take a minute to tidy up.

Set a timer on your phone or let water for coffee come to a boil while you straighten up your space. Put the books away, wash the dishes, spray room freshener - whatever helps get you focused and feel refreshed.

Personal Tip: A quick tidy is usually more effective when you reward yourself with coffee or a snack when you're done!

# 2 / Open the Windows and Get Some Fresh Air

My apartment is not well lit, and that can easily get depressing. Opening windows and letting the sunshine in is one of my favorite morning routines. If I'm feeling low on vitamin D sometimes I take portable projects to the park.

#3 / Allow Good Vibes Only

Light a candle, enjoy a beverage of your choice and turn on some music. Are you feeling energized? Play some Mama Mia. Are you feeling focused? Try Rainy Mood along with the Pride and Prejudice soundtrack (it works wonders, I promise)!



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