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Wetlands Boardwalk Trail Sign

You have the unique opportunity to transform your community’s spaces into vibrant, engaging areas that foster city pride. Let's create a place that locals and visitors will love through specialized design.

Here are a few ideas on how we’ve brought custom designs and branding to other cities.

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Florida beach sand
Pensacola Welcome Sign
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Electrical boxes are boring and ugly. Instead of a blank surface that’s just destined to be graffitied, you could turn these functional structures into canvases that display local culture, history, or abstract designs. Incorporating art into something as unexpected as an electrical box will improve the aesthetics, reduce graffiti, create unique landmarks, and inspire community engagement.



Murals can significantly impact urban spaces by transforming blank walls into large-scale artworks that tell a story. Murals can take the most basic walls - areas around a trash bin, a tennis rebound wall, or a parking garage - and turn them into community highlights. They celebrate local lifestyles, highlight cultural history, or simply add beauty or branding to an otherwise dull area.



A city entrance sign is often the first impression visitors have of your town. A well-designed, visually appealing sign can make a memorable impact, welcoming visitors and instilling pride in residents. A custom sign will give a memorable welcome to show off what your city has to offer.



Adding vibrant designs to basketball courts can transform them into inviting spaces for recreation and community events. These designs can range from simple geometric patterns to complex artworks creating inviting spaces for recreation and community gatherings. The effects of a well-designed basketball court are similar to the effects of a mural. It increases usage, helps reduce vandalism, and gives a sense of community care.

Custom Trail Map


Well-designed maps can unify the town’s visual identity and provide clear, attractive communication. Maps also add to a sense of place and familiarity.

Custom Illustration City Sign


Signage Designs mean “anything you can dream up, we can design it”! Your city is a brand and you want locals to be proud of their ownership in their surroundings. Having a well-designed city means cohesive and recognizable branding, improved communication, and more attraction from visitors.

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Briana {from Spence Studios} has been FANTASTIC to work with! She is very professional, and creative, and has great ideas for the many projects she has completed for us. From the website, banners, flyers, brochures, presentations/slides, mailing cards...all have been top-notch! Will continue to use her for our upcoming projects.
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Samantha Abell, City Manager, City of Gulf Breeze

Let's Work Together!

Ready to start transforming your city?

Contact Spence Studios today for a consultation. Together, we can make your community a more beautiful and engaging place.

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